Resfeber is a Swedish word that literally translates as “travel fever”. What it actually refers to is the nervous excitement that one feels before going on a trip, and that’s definitely what I’m experiencing now. Up until recently, I was in the planning and research phase – taking care of things like mapping out an itinerary, developing a budget, and getting vaccinations. But now, with only two weeks left until departure, I’m in the “last-minute preparation phase” – getting ready to move out of my apartment, taking care of random things like mail and bills, and going through my packing list to ensure I’ll have what I need. I keep checking things off my to-do list, but it never seems to get any shorter…

To give you an idea of my general itinerary, it looks something like this:

  • February: Singapore, Malaysia, & Southern Thailand
  • March to Early April: India
  • April to Early May: Vietnam
  • May to Mid-June: Cambodia, Laos, & Northern Thailand

Regarding packing, I’ll be carrying everything I need in a backpack. I got this backpack for a trip I took to Europe last year, so I know how much I can comfortably fit in it. Though, the idea of fitting everything I’ll need for the next five months into it is sometimes a little daunting. Not only that, but I need to make sure I have just enough in it, and not much more – I don’t want to break my back carrying around unnecessary things. As I’m putting together my packing list, it’s helpful to remind myself that over four billion people live in Asia, and if they can buy the things they need there, I can too! So, no worries.

There’s also the fact that I don’t even know where I’m staying when I arrive in Singapore yet, so that needs to be taken care of sometime soon…

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